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  1. Vent-Free products require a “burn-in” period in order to remove any residual oils and paint films that may be present on the burners or in the unit. This causes an odor that will eventually go away. Our experience has shown that the best way to “burn-in” a vent free product is to run the unit on HIGH for a period of 18 to 36 hours. This does not need to be done all at once. At the beginning of each new heating season, this odor may re-occur briefly in the first few hours of use. If you detect a “kerosene” type odor, check all gas connections on the unit for leaks while the unit is operating (if possible).

  2. If you use your vent free unit 2 to 3 hours each day, you need to thoroughly clean the unit and burners at least once each month during the heating season. This involves the use of a vacuum and a pipe stem cleaner.
  3. It is extremely important to keep the pilot and burners free from lint, dust and debris. (Photos 1, 2 and 3) show the various types of pilot assemblies found on vent free units. There is an air mixing hole located about 2 to 3 inches back away from where the pilot flame comes out. (The arrows in the photos show the location of the air mixer holes on the pilot assembly.) Use a pipe cleaner and insert it into the end of the pilot assembly where the flame normally comes out. (Photo 4) Push it down into the assembly about 2 inches until you can see it in the small air mixing hole. Get vaccum suction over the air mixing hole and gently work the pipe cleaner back and forth a few times. Then SLOWLY remove the pipe cleaner while maintaining the vacuum suction over the air mixing hole. Do this once a month during the heating season. (Photo 5) shows the use of a pipe stem cleaner to clean the air mixer hole on a burner. (Photo 6) shows how to clean logs on a vent free product. Poor performance, odor and soot can occur if the unit is not kept clean. Soot can damage walls, curtains, carpets and other personal property. While the unit is “On”, the following can produce soot; Burning candles, incense or lamps of any kind; Cigarette, cigar or pipe smoke; incorrectly placed logs causing flame contact with logs; Objects placed in or near the flames of a burner; Running ceiling fans or other “drafty” conditions; Dirty flue and chimney (if your logset is in a vented masonry fireplace); Burner air inlet or pilot burner dirty with dust, dirt, lint or pet hair.
  4. Adequate fresh air must be provided for the safe operation of a vent free unit. Vent free units are designed to shut down when the room oxygen content drops below 18%. Some areas never need additional fresh air. To be safe, it is recommended to open an average-sized window (in the same room as the unit) about 1 inch. This will help to provide fresh air to the room. If your vent free unit turns off completely (including the pilot light) you probably do not have enough fresh air in the room. Before re-lighting the unit, you need to air the room out to replenish the oxygen in the room.
  5. The use of a Carbon Monoxide Alarm is recommended. This should be installed near the sleeping areas of the home. The oxygen depletion sensor on vent free units is not a carbon monoxide detector and is not an adequate substitute for a carbon monoxide alarm system.
You can download this guide in PDF format >>HERE<< Requires Adobe Reader
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