Ambiance Kamado 25 Charcoal Grill


Kamado 25 

The Ambiance Kamado 25 is the result of years of experience using charcoal ceramic grill ourselves! Cooking on charcoal lumps is very rewarding. The smoky flavor transfers into food and enhances the pleasure of eating an awesome meal! Even ordinary burgers become great on charcoal!  The feature we assembled together for the Ambiance Kamado 25 are simply the best!  It has easy to clean foldable composite shelves and stainless steel grids.  It has a large diameter of 25″ and the easy to lift hinge system makes it simple to cook with.  It is provided with stageable grids and ceramic dividing deflectors. Simply the best combination of features you will ever find on a Kamado!

Up to 700c Cooking Temp Range | Fuel with Lump Charcoal | 25" Diameter


  • Heavy duty ceramic exterior body and fire bowl
  • Shock absorbing lid for added protection against slamming
  • Glossy grey finish
  • Solid composite handle and easy-lift hinge system.
  • Dome thermometer with chrome bezel
  • Ash tool included
  • Beautiful cover included!
  • Multi level culinary system with deflector plates
  • Heavy duty swivel casters, two locking

Burn Technology

  • FUEL TYPE: Lump Charcoal
  • AIR FLOW: Top Damper, Bottom STL Plates
  • EXHAUST: Calibrated Top Damper


  • DIAMETER: 25"
  • SERVINGS: Up to 8 Servings
  • COOKING AREA: 570 sq. in.
  • MAIN GRID: 21 1⁄2" Diameter

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