Featured Employee:

Michael Harris - Service Manager

Michael Harris is the Service Manager at Dixie Products and manages our team of professional installers and service techs.

Michael started at Dixie Products 4 months after graduating from Staunton River High School and has been a valued Dixie Products employee for the past 17 years. Michael trained under two of our long term garage and service techs and has built up an extensive knowledge for garage doors and control systems over the course of his employment. Michael started out by spending 13 years in the service field and for the past 4 years has managed our service team. Michael is also responsible for a majority of our fireplace installations as well as troubleshooting and service.

Michael enjoys hunting, fishing, kayaking, paintball and his motorcycle on his off hours and loves to spend time with his wife and two children. He is a sugar addict, loves his Oreo’s and to say he has a sweet tooth is underrated!

Michael’s available for consultations as well as sales and service to all of our customers and contracting partners. You can reach Michael at michael@dixieproducts.com.


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