Featured Employee:

Kevin Leap - Assistant Manager

Kevin Leap is the Assistant Manager at Dixie Products and manages our team of professional installers, service techs, sales staff and day to day operations.

Kevin started at Dixie Products in 2005 and has been a valued Dixie Products employee for the past 16 years. Kevin trained under two of our long service techs and until his recent promotion has been Dixie Products lead technician. Kevin has built up an extensive knowledge for hearth products over the course of his employment with over 25 year experience to his name.

Originally from Upstate New York and later settling in Colorado, Kevin moved to Virginia in 1995 and has resided here ever since. Kevin is a Coast Guard Veteran and in his off time enjoys Canoeing, Rafting, Sailing and most general outdoor activities.

Kevin's available for consultations as well as sales and service to all of our customers and contracting partners. You can reach Kevin at

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