The New Look Of Dixie Products


Dixie Products on Melrose Ave. in Roanoke, VA has a new look!  After renovating and revamping our fireplace and garage door showroom over the past few years, we wanted to make the outside of the building more attractive and eye catching.

We watched as several murals were being painted on buildings and bridges in Roanoke and other cities which gave us the creative inspiration for our retail location.


In the Fall of 2022 Jon Murrill, a local artist was finishing the mural on the 9th Street Bridge in Southeast Roanoke when we met him and discussed our project at Dixie Products.  Over the next few months, we worked with Jon on creative ideas and finalized the plan in late winter of 2022.  The building had to be prepped for Jon to start painting the mural in July of 2023.  There are three parts of the building allowing for two very long murals on either side of the customer entrance of the building. After Jon painted and lettered the middle part of the building, he went to work on painting the murals.  He sketched out the images and then used brushes and spray paint to create what he named ‘Campfire’.

The murals depict some of the products Dixie Products’ sell such as the warmth of a fire and a house with garage doors. The beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains as well as the Mill Mountain Star are the backdrop of the murals.  We can’t forget the larger-than-life happy Yellow Lab that greets customers as they pull into the parking lot.  As Jon painted the murals, people would stop by to admire the images that were coming to life.  Employees of Dixie Products continue to receive phone calls praising the new look of the building and are overjoyed of what the murals add to the neighborhood and Melrose area.


We are thrilled with the murals and what they bring to Dixie Products, a retail fireplace and garage door locally owned business, and the neighborhood around Melrose Ave. Please come see us and our murals!


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