Valor H3 Series Direct Vent Gas Fireplace


The Original Radiant Gas Fireplace

The H3 offers a slim engine design that is engineered for new construction installs, or the growing trend to remove and replace outdated and inefficient wood and gas fireplaces. The relaxing, radiant firebox flames create a beautiful ambience in any living space.

With three unique fuel beds, seven liners, and four fronts, the H3 can accommodates any design style while providing efficient, radiant warmth.

Outdoor Compatible: Now you can bring the comfort of your Valor gas fireplace outdoors by adapting any zero-clearance gas fireplace with our new Outdoor Conversion kit (GV60CKO). A Valor radiant gas fireplace provides the heat you and your family need to replace the outdoor chill with comfortable, radiant warmth.

Other outdoor fireplaces cannot compete when it comes to the performance of our quality-engineered direct vent fireplaces. Burning 100 times cleaner than wood, it is an energy efficient option for steady, radiant outdoor heat. Create a focal point in your natural living spaces and extend the time that you spend outdoors with a Valor outdoor gas fireplace.

Fuel Beds:
H3 Series Traditional Logs Fuel Bed
H3 Series Driftwood Logs Fuel
H3 Series Birch Logs Fuel Bed
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Specifications: H3 Series

 3 Fuel Bed Options:

  • Driftwood Logs
  • Birch Logs
  • Traditional Logs

2 Engine Options:

  • Natural Gas
  • Propane Gas

7 Liner Options:

  • Red Brick
  • Ledgestone
  • Fluted Black
  • Plain Black
  • Charcoal Brick
  • Reflective Glass
  • Herringbone

4 Backing Plate Options:

  • 3-Sided Backing Plate - Black
  • 3-Sided Backing Plate - Black
  • 4-Sided Backing Plate - Black
  • 4-Sided Backing Plate - Black

4 Front Options:

  • 1" 4-Sided Clean Install Front - Black
  • 3" 4-Sided - Brushed Champagne
  • 3" 4-Sided - Vintage Iron
  • 3-Sided - Clearview Vintage Iron

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